A sweet tooth’s good for your nails

It sounds funny, but it's true: jelly babies, jelly and wine gums strengthen your nails. All of these little treats contain gelatine, which provides your body with precious amino acids. And these amino acids boost the growth of your hair and nails. Slow nail growth can also be caused by a zinc deficiency. To prevent that you should integrate, for example, oatmeal, cheese, eggs and/or cashew nuts into your dietary routine. You will need a bit of patience, though. For although everything that strengthens our nails has a long-lasting effect, it unfortunately doesn't become evident until a few weeks have passed. However, if you need speedy assistance with weak or brittle nails, there's always atrix® Hand & Nail Balsam.

Hand & Nail Balsam

Strengthens damaged, fragile nails

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