A stress-free start to the day

When the weather forecast is predicting a cloudless day tomorrow, leave your bedroom curtains open a little. As the new day begins, you'll be gently woken by the warm sunrays. Open the window and breathe in the fresh summer air. If you wish, you can chase away the night's sleepiness with a few stretching exercises.

The best way to get your body ready for an active day is to eat a delicious and healthy breakfast: with a mix of high-fibre wholegrain foods, fresh fruit and low-fat milk products such as yogurt or cottage cheese and a cup of tea or diluted fruit juice. You'll be ideally prepared for the day ahead.

Freshly fortified, you should now think about your skin: the cool winter days have taken their toll. Following these cold months, your hands need an extra portion of care. Regenerate your skin with atrix® Intensive Protection Cream. It moisturises and protects your skin, so even rough, chapped hands feel smoother and softer - just what you need after those weeks of cold weather.

Now you're well prepared for the warm season, it's time to get out into the fresh air and prepare your garden or balcony for the most beautiful days of the year.

Tips for your balcony and garden.

Care Tips

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