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For more than half a century now, the quality of the ingredients used for atrix has been our number one concern.

It's not just the name; the effects have to be right, too
There are 200-300 different plants known under the name of aloe vera. But only one of them is proven to have a positive impact on the mind and body: the "true" aloe, Aloe Barbadensis Miller, the only one we use for atrix.
The same selective diligence is applied to camomile as well: real camomile can be easily confused with mayweed, which is completely aroma-free and, besides, is regarded as the most frequent cause of allergies to products containing camomile. That's why only real camomile (Chamomilla Recutita) is used as an ingredient for atrix.

Controlled cultivation
Aloe vera is also called the "desert flower" because it thrives in a hot climate. The aloe vera used for atrix is cultivated mainly in Mexico and the USA in accordance with the strict guidelines of controlled organic farming.
The real camomile used for atrix doesn't grow in the wild either: it too is cultivated agriculturally. Only this guarantees that it is not debased by the presence of mayweed. The crop is cultivated mainly in Hungary, Egypt, Argentina, Spain, and Turkey.

Meticulous processing
The aloe vera crop must be harvested and processed with particular speed and diligence if its most beneficial properties are to be extracted. Therefore, the harvested plants are all processed within 24 hours. The gel in aloe vera's leaves is used for atrix only if it was extracted by hand.
Harvesting camomile is an equally elaborate process: the essential oil content in the flower heads fluctuates greatly depending on the weather conditions, even during the course of any given day. The real camomile used for atrix is harvested in the spring during the midday period when the flower heads contain more essential oil.

For 50 years now, all this has ensured that the quality of atrix is unparalleled.

Active Ingredients

Camomile, aloe vera, avocado & co

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